Until the gold discoveries of the 1840’s in the US and the first appearance of Cape diamonds on the market in the 1870’s, almost all precious antique jewellery had to be remounted due to limited supply. Georgian jewelry brought with it romanticism, sentiment and symbolism. Cannetille work, chased borders and encrusted elaborate floral motif parures blossomed set with Rose-cut Diamonds and Old Mine-cut Diamonds.

Early Victorian Jewelry miniatures and shell cameos were popular, often in the form of snakes. Steam and gas engines were not widely used in workshops until the early 1860’s, making production slow. Mid Victorian Jewellery witnessed the peak of eccentricity in fashion and jewelry was worn in abundance in France and England. Eugenie, Napoleon's wife, favored emeralds, which were second to antique-cut diamonds in popularity. Late victorian jewlery felt the impact of the industrial revolution and victorian jewelry became affordable to the masses, the gold carat and quality diminished while women of the Aesthetic movement abandoned all ornaments.


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